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Anything Goes and we mean Anything
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                          AGWF TITLES

AGWF Champion--MacManus                   Cash Money Champion--Slayer

Jail House Champion--Chono Masahiro       Tag Team Champion--vacant

X-Division Champion--The Answer              Diva's Champion--vacant


                           Top 10 Ranking's

1. MacManus                      6. The Truth

2. Chono Masahiro            7. Sting

3. The Answer                    8. Triple A

4. Slayer                              9. Sayten

5. Wayne Don                     10. St. Eldor

                    Title news

No title news right now

IR List

Mr.Money(owner)--suspended without pay


Cobra--gun shot wound to lower stomach(1 week)

Queen B--left ankle (1 Months)

Slick D--Arrested. In jail.(1 month)


 The Title shot is mine

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The Title shot is mine Empty
PostSubject: The Title shot is mine   The Title shot is mine EmptySat Feb 06, 2010 11:26 pm

From the deep part of the AGWF building. We are in the basement where sting loves to spend most of his time. bat in hand and towel over his head, we find him sitting in a corner swinging his bat in a circular motion. With that same look on his face, the face he made when St. Eldor didnt show up for their match. Sting looks up at the camera.

A 4 round tournament to determine champion contenders for these titles. You call this a way to kick off the season, I call it a discrace on the AGWF part. Anybody can go on a 4 round winning streak if they face that right person. Just look at it. You have Slayer undefeated, T-bone and Triple A 2-1, with records like that, they could be next champions. You need to earn a title shot and I dont mean having the best record in a 4 round tournament. I've seen eldor last promo. He is 1-2 which is not like him but as he stated this is silly. See I've been with the AGWF and Mr.Money so long I know how he thinks. So I can care less about my match with Slayer this week. You see let me break it down to you. I am 2-0 and so is slayer, winning of the match gets handed the cash money title and if it was me you know I will cash it in for a AGWF title shot. But if I take a week off and loose I will have the same record as Triple A and T-bone and knowing Mr.Money he will result to the records or now they have the power rankings and I am above all. So I will get handed my title shot anyway. My only concern is The Answer, but I really think Triple A has is number this round.

Sting raises up from the corner. He removes the towel from his head and grabs his bat in a firm grip with both hands.

TA, I never had a chance to fight you but you are one of a kind. I thought Eldor and still do think he is a one of those guys that comes in and makes a point quick. Meaning he is serious. You seen his accomplishments. You are the same. You went 12-0 before blake kulp handed you your first lost and I think we both know if it wasnt for him you will probably be 13 or even 15-0 right now which is a huge accomplishment. So if you do beat Triple A this week I belive the title shot will go back to you and I think you know where to find me. I will be right here waiting on my title shot. I deserve one.


And Slayer, I would rather beat you on the road, live on TV, infront of Live Fans, on a real Show like Jail House or even a PPv then to beat you in this little piece of shit tournament in the D-League building of the AGWF. Trust me, think Im scared and thats why im not showing up. I could care less of what you think, and obviously the fans dont think anyless of me cause we not even on live TV. So go ahead and tally up your record with a 3-0 and enjoy this cash money title they will hand to you cause its a bigger picture when I step in the ring with you. And my brother has not forgotten about you either. He is going threw some things but he has not forgot about you and neither have I..

Sting turns around and begins to walk away... He then turns back around

"I bet you didnt expect that AGWF Admins" He says to the camera as he begins to walk away and disappear into the fog smoke coming from the pipes
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The Title shot is mine
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