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Anything Goes and we mean Anything
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                          AGWF TITLES

AGWF Champion--MacManus                   Cash Money Champion--Slayer

Jail House Champion--Chono Masahiro       Tag Team Champion--vacant

X-Division Champion--The Answer              Diva's Champion--vacant


                           Top 10 Ranking's

1. MacManus                      6. The Truth

2. Chono Masahiro            7. Sting

3. The Answer                    8. Triple A

4. Slayer                              9. Sayten

5. Wayne Don                     10. St. Eldor

                    Title news

No title news right now

IR List

Mr.Money(owner)--suspended without pay


Cobra--gun shot wound to lower stomach(1 week)

Queen B--left ankle (1 Months)

Slick D--Arrested. In jail.(1 month)


 David Rhodes...How Pathetic

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David Rhodes...How Pathetic Empty
PostSubject: David Rhodes...How Pathetic   David Rhodes...How Pathetic EmptyTue Mar 18, 2008 10:10 am

**The camera fades in to the good Dr. Renegade behind his desk intently reading vital business reports.**

Well, well, well it seems Mr. Rhodes has offered me a bit of a business propostion. It is absolutely insane but as with any business deal I must look at the facts and lets face it Rhodes, youre on the wrong side of a losing war. You come in to the AGWF looking for notoriety and to get your cause on television, it is all bullshit. You told me that my good friend Eldor was on the declining side, that he could not withstand your power. I have yet to see it, because you see brother Eldor doesnt need to dress up like a pissed of teenager and dye everything black to get attention, he especially doesnt need to use a knife to win. So I am going to have to say no to your little offer as it were and I will continue to fight as I always have with good Eldor watching my back and I his. Also let me make one other thing crystal clear, you ever insult my intelligence or my friends like that and believe me brother it will be a mistake you will regret.

**Dr. Renegade storms out of his office as the camera fades to black.**
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David Rhodes...How Pathetic
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