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Anything Goes and we mean Anything
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                          AGWF TITLES

AGWF Champion--MacManus                   Cash Money Champion--Slayer

Jail House Champion--Chono Masahiro       Tag Team Champion--vacant

X-Division Champion--The Answer              Diva's Champion--vacant


                           Top 10 Ranking's

1. MacManus                      6. The Truth

2. Chono Masahiro            7. Sting

3. The Answer                    8. Triple A

4. Slayer                              9. Sayten

5. Wayne Don                     10. St. Eldor

                    Title news

No title news right now

IR List

Mr.Money(owner)--suspended without pay


Cobra--gun shot wound to lower stomach(1 week)

Queen B--left ankle (1 Months)

Slick D--Arrested. In jail.(1 month)


 The League

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Mrs Florence
Mrs Florence

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PostSubject: The League   The League EmptyThu Nov 19, 2009 10:43 pm


Florence- can I have your attention for a minute. I will like to play a tape for you guys.

She plays the tape:

Slick D- IS THIS IT.. IS THIS FUCKING IT... I trained my whole life, created a whole rapsheet, career stats, fan base, set and broke records, made friends and created enemies. Faught other feds when AGWF was shut out 4 years ago. Took it apon myself to go to other feds when they accused AGWF of stealing their fans and wrestlers. You see, what yall fail to realize, and all these other guys and gals that come and go here in the AGWF. Why are people like me, Sting, The Truth, Sayten, and The Answer are so fucking Loyal to this buisness. Well I just named it. We love to be hated by other feds. We love the fact that Anything Goes, We love how Mr. Money runs his shit, and with all that said, the AGWF goes down again. Who to blame?
Is it the fans...

Is it Mr. Money...

Is it the fact that close friend of mine and AGWF writer since the begining left the buisness...

Well while all of you people try to figure it out, Ill tell you what I think. I think it is these new fucking idiots who think this is just a fucking game. Who think this is just another E-fed, parton my langue, but thats what they think, This is just a fucking E-fed. No!! They come and go. Dont show up for matches and dont tell no one. Leave without putting in a 2week notice. This is no game, and if you think it is then stay the fuck out of the AGWF. So no matter what happens Slick D is here to stay. I see all yall still creaping around. Well come out of hidding, Lets make the AGWF be the AGWF and if I have to carry it on my own and fight myself as dumb as that might sound I will, Cause I am AGWF FOR LIFE.


Florence- This is one of the reason why Mr. Money contacted me telling me we have to do something about the AGWF. So we thought is would be a good idea to bring in a developement league. Where wrestles can still put in work, come to work to have fun while we the admins sit back and get everybody organized in the ranks. Just because we have few people and lazy workers does not mean the guys who really want to work and make a name for themselves have to suffer. As you heard from the tapes. There are some guys who rather be unemployed then to go to some other fed and we at the AGWF dont want to be responsable for unemployement. Macthes will be random and on different days. Basically we will run the AGWF like we use to run the AGWF its just nothing has a set date. So we might have 1 match a month or 1 match a day, durning this developement process. It will also give us a chance to see who is loyal and we will bring up and on to the AGWF.

Thank you. I would love to answer more questions but i have alot of work to do
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The League
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