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Anything Goes and we mean Anything
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                          AGWF TITLES

AGWF Champion--MacManus                   Cash Money Champion--Slayer

Jail House Champion--Chono Masahiro       Tag Team Champion--vacant

X-Division Champion--The Answer              Diva's Champion--vacant


                           Top 10 Ranking's

1. MacManus                      6. The Truth

2. Chono Masahiro            7. Sting

3. The Answer                    8. Triple A

4. Slayer                              9. Sayten

5. Wayne Don                     10. St. Eldor

                    Title news

No title news right now

IR List

Mr.Money(owner)--suspended without pay


Cobra--gun shot wound to lower stomach(1 week)

Queen B--left ankle (1 Months)

Slick D--Arrested. In jail.(1 month)


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Mr. Money
Mr. Money

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Who You Think... Empty
PostSubject: Who You Think...   Who You Think... EmptyFri Dec 18, 2009 6:32 pm

Mr. Money walks into the press room with a fat paced, sturdy walk. He has a folder in his left hand with his right hand balled up into a fist.

As he walks onto the stage to take a seat, he is carefull about his $100,000 suit he has on. Black pants, black jacket with a black shirt and a red tie. He wears a red cap with a big money sign on it.

The press takes a million pictures of Mr.Money as he sits down.

I dont like the fact that the AGWF is in this tention, But I am going to put that aside to adress The Truth. You see, I wasnt in the building that night you came out talking shit. You dont have to be apart of this Development league. Really, I wasnt even going to put you in any macthes cause I do respect you and know what all you have done for this Buisness. But you want to come out and talk shit about the admis hear. Thats crossing the line. You out of all people and I mean all people should know I am not just going to lay down and let you talk shit about me or my company. You think this is a FUCKING GAME...

The AGWF consultant Mrs. Florence walks threw the door. Mr. Money takes a look at her and pauses. ]

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Who You Think...
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