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Anything Goes and we mean Anything
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                          AGWF TITLES

AGWF Champion--MacManus                   Cash Money Champion--Slayer

Jail House Champion--Chono Masahiro       Tag Team Champion--vacant

X-Division Champion--The Answer              Diva's Champion--vacant


                           Top 10 Ranking's

1. MacManus                      6. The Truth

2. Chono Masahiro            7. Sting

3. The Answer                    8. Triple A

4. Slayer                              9. Sayten

5. Wayne Don                     10. St. Eldor

                    Title news

No title news right now

IR List

Mr.Money(owner)--suspended without pay


Cobra--gun shot wound to lower stomach(1 week)

Queen B--left ankle (1 Months)

Slick D--Arrested. In jail.(1 month)


 Where are you Eldor

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Where are you Eldor Empty
PostSubject: Where are you Eldor   Where are you Eldor EmptySun Jan 10, 2010 9:01 pm

Sting is still seen in the basement of the D-league arena as he was from his last statement before his match on SUNDAY

Sting- Real Quick, Last time I was infront of you I gave praise to the man that Really was on the road to making history here in the AGWF. But a couple of shutdowns by the buisness delay that process for him but still he was on his way. Now he pulls this stunt. I call you out, You answer every challange that was thrown your way, never seen a ounce in you that gave up. I dont want to repeat myself just check out my last message before our D-league match up and now you do what I didnt want you to do but had a feeling that you would. You didnt even show up. What a great deal of RESPECT you lost from me and probaly to the admins here in the AGWF, I know my brother feels the same way. Eldor I am confused. Did you just not want to fight or what.

Sting shakes his head and then outs it down as we

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St. Eldor
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Where are you Eldor Empty
PostSubject: Re: Where are you Eldor   Where are you Eldor EmptyTue Jan 19, 2010 1:18 pm

after a few seconds the screen statics then cuts to a golden screen then to an image of Eldor sitting in his Toledo office.

Eldor: To answer your question sting...NO! You have no idea how bad I wanted that fight. I had been waiting one year for that fight. Never in my life have I backed down! You know that, you've said it yourself. My family called for me, and I had to answer. My family is more important to me than my career. Just ask Bolero, we're a tight knit family. I hope that someone with a brother as close to you as Bolero and I you would understand. I never Gave up sting. I never backed down. Let's give them the match they deserve...let me have a chance to earn back your respect.....

the scene fades to black again..
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Where are you Eldor
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